Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Welcome Dr. Enfield!

Dr. Enfield addresses reporters and staff
Let me be among the first to welcome Susan Enfield to Highline! (Pending final agreements between the board and Dr. Enfield.)

I have known Susan over the past year as we both transitioned into the interim superintendency. Superintendents work collaboratively across districts within the Puget Sound region and in statewide professional organizations, and we have had many opportunities to connect and discuss the work of education. I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I have been with Susan since the day we first met. Not only is she incredibly well qualified, but when you get to know her personally, rather than through the media, she's a real, engaging person.

You may not know that Highline has only had six permanent superintendents since the district was formed in 1941: L.D. Baker, Carl Jensen, Robert Sealey, Kent Matheson, Joe McGeehan, and John Welch. Susan joins a rich lineage of superintedents in Highline.

I believe Susan will do great things for Highline, and I am even more confident that Susan will come to appreciate our wonderful Highline district as I have. Let's welcome her to our community!

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