Friday, February 3, 2012

Foto February #3: A Teacher's Reward

With Hannah Baisch, 4th Grade Challenge Teacher at Parkside

I was recently asked about the things I enjoy most about my time in Highline, and without a doubt one of them is being around to see my former students become teachers. There are now, to my knowledge, three Highline teachers who were in my elementary band classes of the mid-1990s. When I was visiting Parkside several weeks ago, Principal Robin Lamoureux told me there was one classroom I had to visit before leaving. It was the class of fourth grade Challenge program teacher Hannah Baisch, a flute student many years ago at Valley View. So great to see her very engaging classroom! Former students of mine also teach at Hilltop (the tip off was hearing "Mr. Spicciati..." at a staff meeting) and at Bow Lake. I'd be proud of any profession my former students are pursuing, but none more than those who have chosen to return to their community and serve our children. Now if only they would get out those flutes and clarinets and practice! ;-)

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