Monday, February 13, 2012

Foto February #7: Busy Weekend!

Congratulations to the finalists for Highline superintendent! It is a talented group. You can read more here.

Students compete in the middle school math contest at Mount Rainier on Saturday

I spent some time on Saturday at Mount Rainier High School. I was visiting the regional math contest for middle schools. Several of our Highline schools participate in math contests, and Pacific was making us proud on Saturday. While I was there, I also absorbed the energy of a huge regional gymnastics meet. Did you know Mount Rainier is the SPSL North champions in gymnastics, and Highline H.S. is co-champion of the Seamount League? Congratulations!

MRHS is one of the schools I visited this fall, but never got back around to blogging about. Principal Julie Hunter is doing great work there, and the particular day I visited I had the pleasure of watching the Language Arts department and the Career and Technical Ed. teachers conduct their Friday PCT staff development, as well as having lunch with a group of teachers who invited me to visit. Thanks for the hospitality!

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