Thursday, February 9, 2012

Foto February #6: Adaptive Technology at Bow Lake

Last week I visited Bow Lake for the primary and intermediate NOBLES assemblies. That's an acronym for Noteworthy Outstanding Bow Lake Effort. I loved seeing a large turnout of parents and lots of recognition for behaviors that will help students be successful in school and in life.

After, I went upstairs and checked out the double computer lab. Wow! They have opened a divider between two rooms and can accommodate two full classrooms at a time for our computer adaptive math programs. Adaptive technology engages students at their instructional level and this year just about all Highline elementary students use adaptive math software twice a week. What I love about Bow Lake's approach is that the two teachers, math interventionist, and math coach can all work with small groups of students during that time. It's a microcosm of some of the most innovative technology driven school models from across the country.

Great job Bow Lake for mixing innovative approaches in the computer lab with the citizenship development that has always been an important part of schools!

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