Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Foto February #9: Gregory Heights Library Dollar Book Sale

Parents, library staff, and the principal come together to support young readers at Gregory Heights

Today I visitied Gregory Heights Elementary for the Library Dollar Book Sale. Let me tell you, Gregory Heights has some dedicated parents to stand out in the cold for three hours as the classes passed through! This event, which is held about every six weeks at Gregory, began with a $500 grant from the Highline Schools Foundation for Excellence. These days, parents and library staff keep it going through donations and trips to garage sales and thrift stores. But the books looked to be in fantastic condition and the kids were thrilled to be able to choose their own reads.

After visiting the book sale, principal Phil Robinson took me around to informally visit a few classrooms. Principal Robinson is extremely proud of his staff and I could see why as we popped our heads in several classes. We made a stop in the lunchroom, too, where I heard about how "recess before lunch" is helping students return to class more focused, and they eat better, too. Great job, Gregory Heights!

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