Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Foto February #5: Shorewood's Citizens of the Week

When I'm out in the community a question I frequently am asked is, "What is the district doing about citizenship/civics?" These are community groups and Rotary, parents, business owners, and retired citizens. They know students need academics, but they want to see students who are reliable, are good neighbors, and will grow up to be model citizens who contribute to the community. Today, I was fortunate to be out at Shorewood Elementary for the Citizen of the Week recognition. Principal Colin Ryan started the day with a P.A. announcement calling 17 students to the office for recognition. What an impressive group of young people! And they do this every week, posting a picture on the wall of each week's group. I observed breakfast, line-up before school, and a few classrooms and it looked to me like all of Shorewood's students are great citizens. Way to go kids!

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