Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Highline Council PTSA

Reps from school PTSAs come together as a district council
Have you ever been in line at Starbucks and had a stranger ahead of you pay for your coffee? That's generous, and it usually starts a cycle of generosity where others make a similar purchase for someone in line. It gives you a warm feeling (or maybe it's just the coffee.)

How about if you were given a large sum of money, with no expectation other than you spend it wisely. Would you pass that down?

Highline Council Parernt Teacher Student Association (HCPSTA) interim president Jill Wunch started Wednesday's meeting with an example of just that. A few weeks ago, the Highline Council received a check for their scholarship fund. For a cool one thousand dollars. From a 2004 graduate of Tyee High School. "It's time that I gave back," he wrote. Wow.

Thanks to all PTSA officers and volunteers who do so much good for our students. And thanks to Jill, who was PTA president while I was principal of Beverly Park, stepping up when there was nobody else.

Left: Region 9 PTA representative Maureen Monson
Right: HCPTSA interim president Jill Wunch

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